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Contact Information

1) Contact organization: Office of Overseas Cooperation, Aviation College

Zhu Xingdong, Director of Overseas Office, TEL: 0871-65919424, Email: 34079781@qq.com

Duan Tiecheng, Foreign Secretary, TEL: 18213830852, Email: DuanTC@kmust.edu.cn

2) Principal administrator of Aviation College

Yi Jianhong, Professor, Vice principal and the Dean, Email: yijianhong@kmust.edu.cn

Li Zhenshan, associate research fellow, Secretary under the Party branch secretary, Email:1091892035@qq.com

Shen Yinggang, Professor, Executive Deputy Dean, Email: shenyinggang@163.com

Zhu Xingdong, associate professor, Vice secretary under the Party branch secretary , Email: 34079781@qq.com

Fu Xiaodong, Professor, Deputy Dean, Email: 83248039@qq.com

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